Reading Aloud Activity

Posted on Nov 26, 2014 | Resources

Creating an Ocean

Suggested Age: K through Grade 3

Submitted by Curt Fukumoto, State Librarian, Kaneohe Public Library

Book: The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister


This activity first involves creating sea creatures with modeling clay. The clay used to create the creatures in the photographs were made from Crayola Modeling Magic. A toothpick is a useful tool to create texture or for shaping. A visit to the beach or aquarium may be a good way to conclude learning about sea creatures.

Materials needed:

  • Crayola Modeling Magic or sculpting clay
  • Toothpicks
  • Plastic food tray
  • Clear enamel spray


  1. Create sea creatures using the modeling clay.
    sea-creature-01 sea-creature-02 sea-creature-03 sea-creature-04
  2.  Arrange the finished sea creatures in a plastic tray.
  3.  Spray with clear enamel.