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Posted on Nov 27, 2014 | Resources

Grandfather Tang’s Story

Suggested Ages: Grades 1, 2

Submitted by Mrs. Imelda Corpuz-Amano, School Librarian, Manoa Elementary School

Book: Grandfather Tang’s Story by Ann Tompert



  • Chat with your child(ren) on what they know about shapes; have them name some shapes and what shapes are used for (building things, for example).
  • Walk around the class, house or neighborhood to find shapes and see how they are used.
  • Mention that in other countries, shapes are used for telling stories, called Tangrams, for example, in a place called China. Read the story.


Post Reading Activity: Tangram Animal Puzzles


  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • OR Tangram Puzzle Sets from Education Works Hawaii $29.99


  1. Step 1: Have pre-printed & pre-cut tangrams from this website: OR use Puzzle Sets from Education Works.grandfather-tangs-01grandfather-tangs-02Have your child(ren) follow you as you fill in the animal shapes with your tangram puzzles.
  2. As your child gets better with tangrams, have your child make up his/her own stories with tangrams (at most schools, kindergarteners work with pattern blocks).

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The tangram templates were found on

Go to the website for more templates.