Reading Aloud Activity

Posted on Dec 2, 2014 | Resources

Scrambled States of America

Suggested Age: Read aloud to Grades 1-5 (available on DVD), Independent reading for Grades 2 and up

Submitted by Lori Bruner Okamura, School Librarian at Hongwanji Mission School

Book: The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller


Story Summary:
Two states – Kansas and Nebraska – are tired of not going anywhere and plan a party to meet the other states. The states have a great time and decide they will trade places. Crazy misadventures occur ending with an appreciation of each of our fifty states.

Story Lessons:
The states are identified (with nametags!) and information is shared about the states in the text and colorful illustrations. United States geography; state names and locations; personification; geographical clues; map skills.


Activity Ideas:

    • Read the story together. Use different voices as Uncle Sam and the various states.
    • Look for details on each page: Read the notes on each page and discuss what the characters are saying and doing. Point out names of each state and help with the pronunciation of the names.
    • Use the map of the U.S. to locate the states. Ask your child to find states in the “North” and ask what country borders the U.S. Do the same with directions and states bordering Mexico, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Find Hawaii. Is Hawaii as close as the drawing shows? How far is it from California to Hawaii? Look for clues in the story or use a map, a globe, or the internet to find Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.
    • The back of the book lists the states alphabetically with their state nickname, capital and size. Compare various states and ask which is bigger/smaller.
    • Write the starting letter of the states and try to remember all fifty. Why is it important to know the names of the states?
    • Board game is available: Identify the states with trivia clues based on the book.