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Posted on Nov 27, 2014 | Resources

In The Tall, Tall Grass

Suggested age: Preschool

Submitted by Hilda Comitini, State Librarian, Manoa Public Library

Book: In the Tall, Tall Grass by author/illustrator Denise Fleming


With a few choice words, the author traces a caterpillar’s journey for the day. The caterpillar observes, among other things, “pull, tug, ants lug,” “dart, dip, hummingbirds sip,” “strum, drum, bees hum,” “ritch, ratch, moles scratch,” “zip, zap, tongues snap,” and “stop, go, fireflies glow.” The beautifully illustrated book is filled with other music, rhyme, rhythm, and sounds that transport the reader to another world In the Tall, Tall Grass.


Activity: In the Tall, Tall Grass Craft

This is a fun and creative craft in which the children will enjoy making their own In the Tall, Tall Grass craft. The children will have a fun time coloring the insects and animals, then “hiding” them in their own grass.


  • Green poster board
  • Green streamers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Cutouts of bugs and animals mentioned in the book



  1. Start by folding a long green cardboard in half, creating a center crease.
  2. Fold in half again on both sides of the crease.
  3. Cut out the insects and animals printed from the template.
  4. Color them.
  5. Glue and decorate all the insects and animals on the board.
  6. Cut 2”-long green streamers.
  7. Glue the streamers all along the top of the board.

Final product: